What The Dogs Think of Us

"Victoria and her staff have been watching our dog Elwood for the past few years.
Elwood now has a medical condition that restricts his playtime with his friends.
Victoria always makes sure that Elwood is comfortable, gets the appropriate amount of excercise and tons of lovin’. There was no one before and certainly no one at this time that we would let Elwood stay with." - Elwood  and owners, Tracy and Venita

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Day Care

What does Daycare include?

Our Daycare dogs enjoy all-day play in our 2000 sq. ft. indoor dog park;  two leashed walks per day, and free use of the facility.  Belly-rubs, ear massages, and personal attention are also included.  While many of our dogs enjoy playing, many also prefer to nap in one of our many open spaces, or simply follow us around doing chores.  It makes them feel at home.

May I bring my dog's food? Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes. We like to keep dogs on their own schedule. We will gladly feed them anytime at no additional cost. We have a fully stocked kitchen so we can refrigerate, freeze or heat up anything for your dog. 

Do you have half days available?

Yes.  A half-day is 5 hours or less and we offer them 7 days a week.

So you provide two walks a day. Where do you walk? Is it on leash? How many dogs at one time?

We provide leashed walks, maximum of four dogs at a time.  Generally speaking, small dogs go with small dogs, and big dogs with big dogs. Another common grouping is slower dogs.  We have access to a peaceful business park across the street from our facility that has great grass spaces and sidewalks for our dogs to explore.



What is included in Boarding my dog?

Our Boarders enjoy all the benefits of our daycare dogs with the addition of spending the night with their friends both canine and human.

What do I need to bring when my dog is staying overnight?

We ask that all Boarders bring your own food. No need to pre-portion. No bowls are needed. As far as toys go we have one rule: No squeaky toys! Otherwise, yes you may bring treats, toys, and if necessary a favorite blanket.  We will give these items out when your dog is ready for a nap or bedtime.

My dog sleeps in a crate at home. Can I bring it in?

We have crates of all sizes and styles that your dog is free to use.  If your dog prefers their specific crate, you may bring it.

Are you staffed 24 hours a day? 

Yes.  At least one of our staff spends the night every night. 

Where do the dogs sleep?

The majority of dogs will sleep out with their friends. Some will even sleep in bed with us! Those that are crate trained at home will sleep in a crate. Some dogs need to be alone and really decompress at night, we have a variety of special places for them as well. 


Sign-up and Requirements

Are there any requirements for Daycare and Boarding?

Yes, we require that all dogs be up to date on all their vaccinations (Bordetella, Rabies and DHLPP), spayed/neutered and most importantly, cannot have any aggression to people or any dogs regardless of size, breed, etc.

How do I sign up? Can I take a tour?  What is a Meet and Greet?

We have all potential new guests come in for a scheduled Meet and Greet. We will need proof of your dog’s vaccinations ahead of time.

My dog is aggressive can he/she stay with you?

As we are a cage-free, open facility, where all the dogs are together, we do not allow aggressive dogs.



Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes. Whether for daycare or boarding, reservations are necessary.


General Questions

How many dogs do you have at one time?

 Our Maximum is 55.

Do you mix big and little dogs?

 No, we do separate dogs by size, age and temperament.

Why is your staff so special?

All staff members have been carefully chosen not only for their love of dogs, but also their dedication and commitment to working with them. All staff members are certified in First Aid & CPR for dogs. Many of our staff members have passed accreditation tests provided by American Kennel and Boarding Association. We also sponsor Q & A sessions with several different dog trainers.

Where do the dogs eat?

We have “stalls,” essentially small gated rooms where each dog can eat and rest comfortably.  Every dog is separated for every meal.

I have more than one dog, can they sleep together?