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"Victoria and her team have been watching Sparky since 1999. They have always been there not only for Sparky but for me as well. Their professionalism as well as devotion to their clients is unsurpassed. They truly are dog’s best friend!" - Sparky and owner Tanya

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While Burners are Away

Whether you have no interest in Burning Man or you just simply decided not to attend this year, you know there's no excuse not to get out and play this week!

Once the exodus from San Francisco to Black Rock City has made way, you know the feeling of a city missing a huge portion of its citizens. The line at Bi-Rite is shorter, Dolores Park is just less crowded, even the insanity of crossing the city decreases. 

So get out there! Visit that restaurant you claim is "always too busy" or finally try that lavender ice cream everyone's been talking about. In our ever growing city, you can thank Burning Man for giving us a week of relief. And remember to greet your burner neighbors graciously as they return home. After all, they did just rock an entire week in the desert ;)


Lollipups & Honey Mutt Truffles

Photo by: Liv Loo

  Just this last month I attended a couture doggie runway show hosted by Haute Dog | SF where owners dressed up their pups in the most stunning outfits made by canine clothing companies in the Bay Area. This show not only featured the most adorable pooches but also managed to raise money for Canine Companions for Independence!

 You may wonder what I was doing at a doggie runway show, besides the fact that I live in a doggie dog world...you know how it goes. I was there supporting a lovely friend of mine I've recently come to know. Her name is Carla and within the last year she's worked her tail off to launch her own business baking gourmet dog treats.

 You might say, whats it even for? These dogs don't need decadent treats that look so good they make even humans drool! Be that as it may, Carla not only makes delicious puppy treats that look good enough for us to eat, but they're actually HEALTHY and full of flavor! Trust me, I've tried some myself and so has my pup, who has become such the picky eater til she met Carla! Gluten free, soy free, corn free, wheat free and completely organic! Not to mention, you won't be cleaning up a nasty mess left on your carpet anytime soon! eeek...

 Okay Liv, tell them where to get these treats already! Carla's wonderful company is called Paw Patch Pastries. Of course, located in our lovely city of San Francisco and are custom made for you and yours! They were even nominated for this years Beast of the Bay Awards and came in 2nd place as Best Doggie Birthday Present! Now how about that! Did I mention she does doggie cakes too?!

 Where do you order these scrumdiddlies? Go online at www.pawpatchpastries.com!

Paw Patch Pastries' Valentines Day Delights . Photos by: Liv Loo  Don't forget, these make wonderful gifts for your fellow dog lovers, especially if their dog has a sensitive tummy! If you like to feed your dog as well as they deserve, you definitely don't want to miss out on these bad puppies!