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"Victoria and her team have been watching Sparky since 1999. They have always been there not only for Sparky but for me as well. Their professionalism as well as devotion to their clients is unsurpassed. They truly are dog’s best friend!" - Sparky and owner Tanya

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While Burners are Away

Whether you have no interest in Burning Man or you just simply decided not to attend this year, you know there's no excuse not to get out and play this week!

Once the exodus from San Francisco to Black Rock City has made way, you know the feeling of a city missing a huge portion of its citizens. The line at Bi-Rite is shorter, Dolores Park is just less crowded, even the insanity of crossing the city decreases. 

So get out there! Visit that restaurant you claim is "always too busy" or finally try that lavender ice cream everyone's been talking about. In our ever growing city, you can thank Burning Man for giving us a week of relief. And remember to greet your burner neighbors graciously as they return home. After all, they did just rock an entire week in the desert ;)