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"Victoria and her team have been watching Sparky since 1999. They have always been there not only for Sparky but for me as well. Their professionalism as well as devotion to their clients is unsurpassed. They truly are dog’s best friend!" - Sparky and owner Tanya

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Re: Summer Time Dental Check

It's sometimes shocking to me that so many of us live with dogs and never think of looking at their teeth.

Like us, dogs can develop problems with their teeth that can affect their overall health. But in comparison to us, their lives are much shorter - and they develop dental problems much more quickly. In fact, if these problems are neglected, they can actually shorten your dog's life. Cavities are the biggest problem for human teeth, but the accumulation of plaque and the development of tartar (also called dental calculus) is the most serious dental problem for dogs. Tartar builds up on the teeth, forming a concrete-like crust on the teeth at the gum line. It also forms under the gums, which helps bacteria get under the gums and proliferate. The resulting infection causes the gums to appear red, swollen, and irritated. This condition, also known as gingivitis, can lead to deeper infections. Infection can also damage the ligaments and bone that anchor the teeth, making them susceptible to loss. Because of the rich blood supply to the mouth, the infection can also spread systemically, making your dog quite ill and/or affecting his heart, kidneys, and liver. This chronic condition can prematurely age your dog. 

So the next time you're in cuddling mode, take a look at your best friends teeth just to make sure everything is pearly. 


Here Comes the Super Bowl!

If you don't feel like battling traffic, lost tourists and carousing football fans from parts unknown, we can take care of your pups while you make the Super Bowl escape! Feel free to give us a call.


A Belated Happy New Year


From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year!


Rainy Days Ahead!

More rain is on the way so make your daycare reservation today!

Can't get your dog out in the rain? Don't want to deal with the mess of the mud? Bring your dog in for a fun, dry day of darcare!


One Halloween Night at High Tail

It was a windy night on the 31st, the full moon was a couple of days past

The whole hotel seemed to be alive with creaks and whistles and gasps

 The pups huddled together by the kitchen light, Elke and Jasper held court

 'Spread out and look the whole place over, come back and give a report’


 ‘But there are noises here that I don’t like’, Wasser said as she shook front to back

 Maya nodded and Willy held up his paw, looking up he said ‘Listen to that!’

 The noise sent Timmy and Lenny to hide under the desk, Lily curled herself into a ball

 Clyde and Henry and Bali and Tag all decided to hide in the hall


 Calix and Nalu came in from yard, always out bravely on patrol

 ‘It must be the wind’ they said to the pack but even they feared it was a troll

 From the bedroom ran Sugar and Buddy asleep, ‘What’s going on in here today?’

 ‘There’s a ghost in the house’, cried Ariele, ‘and I’m too young to be taken away’


 Right then the lights flickered, sizzled and popped, darkness fell everywhere

 ‘Hold on to each other’, Alfred said, as he pulled Chuck and Charlie into his care

 The dogs of High Tail stayed close together, holding each other so near

 Whatever may befall us we’re not afraid, our friendship will always be dear


 Just then the lights flashed on everywhere and Doozle stood alone with a grin

 ‘I did it! I did it! I found all the treats hidden upstairs! C’mon let’s all dig in!’