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Realistic Resolutions

Each year we ask ourselves the same thing, "what is my new year's resolution?" And more often than not we answer within the same realm of ideas.

Get a gym membership.. start running! No wait.. I'll start doing yoga. I hear meditation helps. Or wtf is the barre method?

Although our mindfulness and fitness need to be on par in order to succeed, why not start a bit smaller? Here are three things that take little effort and bring big results to ourselves and those we care about. 

1) SMILE MORE :).  Living in SF, we walk past people constantly; straight faced and in a rush. Have you ever considered smiling every time you make eye contact? You'll be surprised at all the good juju you take home.

2) TURN OFF YOUR PHONE! Somehow detach yourself from your phone at least a movie length each day. Speaking of which.. enjoy a movie, show or get into conversation with good friends. DON'T YOU DARE pick up that phone! 

3) ASK PEOPLE HOW THEY'RE DOING AND THEN LISTEN. How often do you habitually ask "how are you" in passing and actually mean it? Read your friend's body language, their voice and really inquire about what's going on for them. I bet they'll reciprocate. It could lead to some really interesting convo or you could turn your own day right side up.


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