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"Victoria and her team have been watching Sparky since 1999. They have always been there not only for Sparky but for me as well. Their professionalism as well as devotion to their clients is unsurpassed. They truly are dog’s best friend!" - Sparky and owner Tanya

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Here Comes the Super Bowl!

If you don't feel like battling traffic, lost tourists and carousing football fans from parts unknown, we can take care of your pups while you make the Super Bowl escape! Feel free to give us a call.


A Belated Happy New Year


From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year!


Rainy Days Ahead!

More rain is on the way so make your daycare reservation today!

Can't get your dog out in the rain? Don't want to deal with the mess of the mud? Bring your dog in for a fun, dry day of darcare!


One Halloween Night at High Tail

It was a windy night on the 31st, the full moon was a couple of days past

The whole hotel seemed to be alive with creaks and whistles and gasps

 The pups huddled together by the kitchen light, Elke and Jasper held court

 'Spread out and look the whole place over, come back and give a report’


 ‘But there are noises here that I don’t like’, Wasser said as she shook front to back

 Maya nodded and Willy held up his paw, looking up he said ‘Listen to that!’

 The noise sent Timmy and Lenny to hide under the desk, Lily curled herself into a ball

 Clyde and Henry and Bali and Tag all decided to hide in the hall


 Calix and Nalu came in from yard, always out bravely on patrol

 ‘It must be the wind’ they said to the pack but even they feared it was a troll

 From the bedroom ran Sugar and Buddy asleep, ‘What’s going on in here today?’

 ‘There’s a ghost in the house’, cried Ariele, ‘and I’m too young to be taken away’


 Right then the lights flickered, sizzled and popped, darkness fell everywhere

 ‘Hold on to each other’, Alfred said, as he pulled Chuck and Charlie into his care

 The dogs of High Tail stayed close together, holding each other so near

 Whatever may befall us we’re not afraid, our friendship will always be dear


 Just then the lights flashed on everywhere and Doozle stood alone with a grin

 ‘I did it! I did it! I found all the treats hidden upstairs! C’mon let’s all dig in!’



The Doozle Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the inn

Not a pup was stirring, not even Finnegan

The stockings were hung at the front desk with care

Looked after by Zeus and Penny and Bear


The Labs were all nestled snug in their beds

Rocco and Zane even shared one with Zed

With Sugar in her sweater and Buddy his cap

They had all settled in for a long High Tail nap


When out on Revere there arose such a clatter

Zoe and Carter rose to see what was the matter

Away to the window Marco ran like a flash 

While Chili and Caiman pulled open the sash


With a full moon lighting the street with a glow

Saxon and Otto sat wanting to know

What would cause Aiden to yell out a howl

Could it really be Saint Nick out on the prowl?


First Bella and Fred started to wiggle

Then even Wasser started to giggle

Stockton thought of treats, Louie of bones

It was all too much for Lily who started to moan


Tonight’s the night, Jessie barked twice

Ollie kept turning circles knowing he’d been nice

They’d all get treats, of that they were sure

Liam nose-bopped each one just to keep score


All watched as St. Nick filled each stocking that hung

They’d waited for this night since each was so young

Abby sniffed up as the smell of treats wafted in

Timmy and Apollo licked their lips in a big grin


The old fat man gathered them all on the grass

Even Dozer and Simba and Kimbo and Cash

With a twinkle in his eye he held up a hand

And an unusual hush fell over High Tail-land


“We’re all so fortunate we have one another,

Keep being good to the humans and to each other.”

And as St. Nick leaned in toward them all

He touched each one’s head and by name he did call


“This is my favorite stop every year!

I wish all the world was as nice as it is here!”

And with that he was off in a jump and a spin

Out through the dog-door and gone with a grin


But one thing could be heard as he vanished from sight

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good- night!”