What The Dogs Think of Us

"Being a new owner of 8-10month old puppy I adopted a couple weeks ago...I kinda went into a panic when I realized just how much attention Lucky needs. I was definitely up for exercising him a lot, but realized he really needs a lot of socialization with other dogs. I was going to hire a dog walker, but one hour a day and the time I spend still was obviously not enough. In addition to him getting the supervised play he needs with other dogs, they walk them twice a day, feed them, and give them naps, and will give them any sort of medication they might be on. They ask you when you feed your dog, and to bring in his food so he doesn't get sick. The people who work there that I've met are friendly, clearly love the dogs A day of doggie daycare at the High Tail Hotel doesn't cost much more than many good dog walkers charge for a one hour walk! Yes, I'm spending a lot more on the dog than I thought I was going to, but it's good to know he's in good hands, and will develop and socialize well because of it.and what they do, and are knowledgeable about dog behavior, etc." - Lucky & owner, Nick Meinzer

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That’s what we had in mind when we started planning our dog hotel. We wanted to do something different from what we had seen at other boarding facilities.

No more rows of kennels on concrete floors.

No more cages and confinement.

Our goal was to do something new and fun.

We feel our doggy day care and boarding accommodation is the perfect setting for your pet to thrive, feel safe, have fun and be happy!  Whether our guests are spending the day or staying overnight, we want you to look forward to returning.





Playtime and Naptime:
We know what dogs love most


At High Tail Hotel we know what dogs love most...
to play and to sleep.  

Always supervised, we rotate our dogs into our play areas by size, age or activity level.

Playing all day is fun and very tiring. To ensure that no one gets overstimulated or cranky, we give dogs the breaks that they need throughout the day. Away from the play area and in a quiet place your dog will receive the perfect balance of play and down time to suit their individual needs.


It's Easy Being Green:


As an official San Francisco Green Business, we hope to set an example that others may want to consider for their own routines.

We are committed to boosting the quality of the lives we touch and conserving the resources of our community and natural environment.

Below is a list of some of our green pledges:

.non-toxic cleaners
.natural treats for our dog guests
.non-toxic bedding
.biodegradable poop and trash bags
.we keep our office as paperless as possible, such as, sending invoices  and memos through emails.
.any paper that we do use is 100% recyclable and chlorine free...even  our toilet paper!
.low electrical consumption verified by regular energy audits
.low flow toilets and aerators on all faucets